Freelance factoring 2.0

Freelance factoring 2.0 takes invoice financing to a higher level. Payt provides an alternative form of financing through its debtor management software. We have a collaboration with established parties Floryn and New10 to make freelance factoring 2.0 accessible. Pre-financing of invoices is possible within a single day with a push of a button using Payt debtor management software.

What is factoring?

Factoring means that you will obtain an immediate payment based on outstanding invoices. More and more freelancers are making use of factoring in order to have access to working capital instantly. As an entrepreneur, you are no longer dependent on the moment a debtor makes payment.

Freelance factoring 2.0: invoice financing

Self employed factoring at a higher level provides invoice financing according to your needs as an entrepreneur. You pre-finance the invoices, allowing you to keep control of the debtor management. Making all the difference.

Why use factoring as a freelancer

As a freelancer, using factoring 2.0 is the perfect way to solve a lack of financial resources. Having to wait for debtors to pay has an impact on the financial options available to you. If you want to expand, you need capital as well as the ability to make investments when it suits you. Factoring offers a fast and efficient answer.

Working capital readily available

Invoice financing makes it possible to have working capital available right away. In plain terms, that means you benefit from the expansion of financial possibilities for your company in a simple, speedy and safe manner. You are no longer dependent on the pace of payment by your customers.

Checking debtor management

Opting for freelance factoring 2.0 also means that you retain effective control over the invoices that qualify for pre-financing. The use of Payt’s debtor management software does not only ensure optimal debtor management, but also ensures a healthy cash flow with prefinancing of invoices.

Benefits of Payt factoring

Payt debtor management facilitates the use of freelance factoring 2.0. Through the debtor management software, it is easy to have invoices financed through one of the cooperating partners, Floryn or New10. You will enjoy extra benefits as well, including an extremely low interest rate.

Floryn and New10

New10 is a well-known subsidiary of ABN-Amro and perfect for one person businesses with a low risk profile. Floryn also provides invoice financing for a smaller businesses with a higher risk profile.

Flexible credit with attractive interest rate

A big advantage of invoice financing through Payt software is the ability to obtain a flexible credit with an appealing interest rate. The amount of outstanding invoices is the basis for the amount of the flexible credit. An advantage is that in addition to a flexible reimbursement, it is even possible to increase the credit limit.

Arranged in just one day

The procedure can be quickly set up via debtor management software and, if the requirements are met, the freelance factoring 2.0 with invoice financing is operational within a single day.

Sander Kamstra
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Sander Kamstra is director and one of the founders of Payt. He is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. He likes to work with people who are just as driven as he is to achieve success by setting the right priorities and making smart choices.

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