Cash collection software: save up to 50% of your time and money

Efficient and effective debtor management is very important, but often takes a lot of time. Moreover, nothing is more annoying than a customer who does not pay an invoice (on time).

Successful companies secure their cash flow with the help of cash collection software. This is essential to reduce your unpaid invoices and improve your company’s order to cash business process. Choosing the best cash collection software can deliver rapid improvements to your cash flow and liquidity, your DSO and the efficiency of your credit management team.

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Why it is important to use cash collection software

Poor liquidity can jeopardise a company’s survival. A large part of the bankruptcies are caused by poor credit management. This then makes good credit collection management a very important part of an organisation. 

You can use cash collection software to reduce the amount of unpaid invoices and create a more effective and efficient cash collection process. By automating administrative tasks you can save up to 80% of your valuable time. In addition, by consistently reminding your customers of the outstanding invoices you will improve their payment behaviour. This makes getting your invoices paid much quicker and easier.

Types of cash collection systems

Implementing a cash collection solution can help you manage your products and services, payments and customers seamlessly. In the case of companies with significant volumes of invoices, manual collection and reconciliation processes are difficult and time-consuming. It is therefore more effective and efficient to use debtor management software to streamline the processes,  minimise human error and, simplify cash collection tasks.

The most complete debtor management software

There are different types of credit and collections systems. Each system may offer different features for accounts receivable and collecting on bad debts. However, to get the most out of your credit management it is wise to choose the most complete one in the field. Payt offers a lot of features to make the debtor management process easier for you and your customers.

Automate the follow up

Following up on outstanding invoices is a time-consuming activity. With Payt this is a thing of the past. Payt will automatically start a reminder process with you in full control. From the first invoice to the last reminder. Save a lot of time with this feature.

Communicate consistently with your customers

By constantly bringing the invoice to the customers’ attention, Payt keeps the communication going to ensure better payment behaviour. Gain insight into the reason for late or non payment and look for a solution together.

Offer multiple payment methods

With Payt you can offer your customers different payment methods. From PayPal to credit cards or direct debit. It makes paying your invoice as easy as possible. There is always a payment method that suits your customer.

Advantages of using Payt

In Payt, you can immediately see what the outstanding balance is, in which phase of the billing process a customer is and which invoice requires attention.
This ensures better payment behaviour and leaves time for you to focus on things that really need attention.
This ensures faster payment and a lot of records have been set with this feature.
Save up to 80% of your time and get 30-50% paid faster
“Since we went live with Payt, thousands of reminders have been sent, of which over 80% has been paid by the customer. Also, using Payt has led to some internal fine-tuning, because Payt takes a lot of the work out of our hands”. - Jasper van Hattem (Quooker)
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