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Efficient and effective debtor management is very important, but often takes a lot of time. Moreover, nothing is more annoying than a customer who does not pay an invoice. Payt makes credit management easy and clear for you and your customers.

Discover the advantages

Faster payment

Get your invoices paid 30% faster through consistent tracking of invoices and offering different payment methods

Less work

Save up to 80% of your time spent on debtor management by automating repetitive administrative tasks

More control

Your entire administration in order. And you decide when and how to remind your customer
Financial director of a company standing in front of the HQ

Automated without losing the personal touch

Getting your invoices paid faster whilst retaining that all important personal contact with your customer
Easy implementation to get you up and running within an hour
One-click integration with your invoicing- and accounting software
Automatic follow up on outstanding invoices
Integrated internal notes to keep your colleagues informed
Consistent communication with your debtor
Integrated payments to make it easier for your debtor to pay
Possibility to propose a payment plan by you or your debtor
Possibility to automatically start a collection procedure

Payt integrates seamlessly with the business software in your industry

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