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The ink on the takeover papers is barely dry when we speak to Edwin Coppen. The CFO of ilionx has just signed a contract for the successful the acquisition of QNH. This is a special and exciting acquisition as that company was larger than ilionx. But Edwin is confident. “The company suits us, both in terms of culture and vision.” You would think a relatively soft statement for a man of the figures. Nevertheless, the CFO often lets his ‘gut feeling’ speak in business agreements. This is also the case when ilionx started using Payt.

“We are one of Payt’s first customers,” says Edwin. “The software was far from meeting our standards when we started working with Payt.” Ilionx was the digital business partner of organisations such as the Public Prosecution Service, RDW, De Nederlandsche Bank and parties in the Healthcare, Industry and Finance sector. At that time, the IT service provider was eagerly looking for a new debtor manager. They used ING Commercial Finance and the bank also took over debt management from that service. When they stopped, ilionx was looking for a good alternative. Edwin did not like the idea of setting up an accounts receivable department.

“At ilionx we work according to the cell philosophy of Eckart Wintzen. We have many business units, each with its own management, but also with its own accounting, profit and loss account and credit management. Working on outstanding invoices manually, reminders and creditcases would really be a step back for our organisation and also have a huge impact.”

Multi company

Payt came by at exactly the right time. Although the software was still in its infancy, it was very important for ilionx to give Payt a chance.

“Because we have an extensive BV structure, I want to be able to lay the responsibility for credit management low in the organisation. At the same time, as CFO of the business units, I naturally want to know the overall company situation. I want to be able to make reports across all business units and immediately see where there might be problems. Moreover, I need the correct financial information to be able to question the management of the business units in terms of content.”

The first question that ilionx therefore submitted to Payt was immediately a complex one: whether they wanted to make the software multi-company. “It was really a tough requirement for us,” says Edwin. Payt’s developers - not afraid of a challenge - agreed, provided that ilionx would test the new functionality. “And that is how we contributed a lot from the outset to the development of Payt,” says Edwin.

Intuitive and useful to the user

The confidence of the CFO turned out to be entirely justified. Payt’s focus soon shifted from automatic collection service to automated accounts receivable management and the company grew rapidly, partly due to the many links with accounting and administration packages, including Microsoft Dynamics. The package that we ilionx uses. There was no link yet, but ilionx built one itself in collaboration with Payt. As a result, the invoicing process automatically runs into Payt’s debtor process.

“As an IT service provider, we believe that software solutions should be at the service of the user. Payt fits in seamlessly with that vision: intuitive, easy to use and with clear added value for the user. Payt makes credit management transparent and offers the possibility for extensive file creation. This ensures that we can place the responsibility low in the organisation, without losing control or having to compromise on insight into the debtor process.”

The debtor process of ilionx runs so smoothly that it also benefits customers of ilionx. Although there are already many links, it sometimes happens that we develop a link between the customer’s accounting package and Payt. We are happy to do that.

Payt is a reliable system that allows you to collect outstanding invoices in an efficient manner. We also grant our customers that. Because you remain in control of the process, the software is ideal for companies that place great value on the customer relationship on the one hand, but on the other hand want to get their invoices paid efficiently.”


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