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Payt for the wholesaler

A large amount of (different) invoices per month, invoices that are not paid on time or are still open after three months: at Payt we know what wholesalers have to deal with, whether it is a technical wholesaler, a webshop or a beverage wholesaler. For this reason, our automation software for credit management offers various options, which in many cases have been devised specifically for wholesalers. Payt ensures, among other things, an improvement in payment behavior and time and therefore cost savings. Read more about all options here or download our brochure.
Payt for the wholesaler

Among others, these wholesalers benefit from Payt:

A selection of the possibilities especially for the wholesaler:

Payt fits seamlessly

Whatever accounting package you use, Payt connects seamlessly and without almost any exception.

Pay with debit and credit card

You can offer customers the option to pay invoices via debit or credit card, so that you do not have to burden them with invoice and IBAN numbers. This payment convenience considerably increases the chance that they will pay within the specified period.

One collective reminder instead of 10 single invoice reminders

Through collective reminders you can send customers one reminder for all outstanding invoices instead of dozens of individual reminders.

Send reminders automatically

With Payt you ensure that first, second and third reminders are sent automatically. In fact, after the third reminder you can start a collection process with Payt.

More customer satisfaction

If desired, the Payt software can be implemented in combination with a customer portal, so that customers can always view the status of invoices or download a copy of the invoice, and you can communicate with them about, for example, overdue payments. This contributes greatly to customer satisfaction.

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Want to know more about the possibilities of Payt for your specific challenges? Then download the brochure.

INDI counts on (and with) Payt

The services provided by Payt fit well with the business operations of INDI. This technical parts webshop is aimed at professionals. The company, which started just four years ago, sends more than 80,000 invoices annually. "That number is growing every month", says Sybrand Brouwer, director and owner of the webshop.

Read more about INDI and discover why the company works with Payt (together).

"We considered developing something ourselves that we could use to automate our debtor process until we came into contact with Payt."

Sybrand Brouwer - INDI

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