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Payt for the automotive industry

A large amount of (different) invoices per month, automatic direct debits that cannot be debited or invoices that are still open after three months: at Payt we know what the automotive industry is dealing with, whether it is a (private) leasing company, a car dealership, or a car repair company. For this reason, Payt provides various tools to deal with these issues, often devised specifically for the automotive industry. Payt ensures an improvement in payment behavior and therefore time and cost savings. Read more about all options here or download our brochure.
Payt for the automotive industry

These companies, among others, benefit from Payt:

A selection of the possibilities especially for the automotive industry:

Registered e-mail reminders

With registered e-mail reminders you can send important documents digitally, efficiently and securely.

Auto return processes and payment arrangements

Also very useful for private lease companies and other car companies that make extensive use of direct debits; for more consistent - and therefore more effective debtor management your return processes and payment arrangements can be automated.

One reminder instead of 10

With Payt’s bundled reminders you can send customers with a large fleet one reminder for all outstanding invoices instead of dozens of separate reminders.

More customer satisfaction

If needed, our software can be combined with a customer portal. Your customers can at all times use the customer portal to view the status of invoices or download a copy of the invoice, and you can communicate with them about, for example, overdue payments.

Mobility Service counts on (and with) Payt

That Mobility Service is a progressive leasing company is not only apparent from the service. The company was one of Payt's first customers. "Although I did not work for Mobility Service at the time, I do know that Payt played an important role in optimizing our credit management," says Financial & Operational Director Inge Mier. Previously, the company did everything manually. Once every few weeks, they printed out the debtor list and called anyone who had not paid the invoice within the payment period."

Read more about Mobility Service and discover why the leasing company works with Payt (together).

"Payt has ensured considerable work savings and has brought structure to our credit management. We now send our invoices and reminders at fixed times and fully automated."

Inge Mier - Mobility Service

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