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Payt for the temporary employment and contract industry

At Payt, we know that temporary employment and contract agencies have to advance the salaries of temporary and contract workers and that it often takes a long time before outstanding invoices are paid. With our automation software for credit management you can ensure that outstanding invoices are paid faster. Read more about the options here or download the Payt brochure now.
Payt for the temporary employment and contract industry

These temporary employment and contract agencies, among others, benefit from Payt:

Especially for contract and employment agencies:

Shortening the duration of outstanding invoices

In the temporary employment and secondment sector, invoices are on average open for more than 8 to 12 weeks. Thanks to the possibilities that our automation software offers, you can considerably shorten the term of outstanding invoices. How does Payt do that? Download the brochure now.

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