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Payt for the childcare industry

No invoice that is the same, direct debits that are reversed and parents who pay late because they are divorced: at Payt we know what the childcare sector is dealing with. For this reason, our automation software for credit management offers various options, which in many cases have been devised specifically for the industry. Payt ensures, among other things, an improvement in payment behavior among parents and time and cost savings. Read more about the options here or download the Payt brochure immediately.
Payt for the childcare industry

These childcare companies, among others, benefit from Payt:

A selection of the possibilities especially for the childcare sector:

Auto return processes and payment arrangements

Automation of reversal processes and payment arrangements for more consistent - and therefore more effective - credit management.

Remind by text message

Send (personalized) payment reminders via e-mail or text message.

Different payment regimes

Choice of different payment regimes, depending on the payment behavior of the debtor.

Linking possible

Payt’s software can be linked to, for example, a parent portal or planning tool, so that parents can view invoices and the invoices are automatically adjusted if extra childcare days are taken.

Download the brochure

Want to know more about the possibilities of Payt for your childcare company? Download the brochure here.

Njoy is counting on (and with) Payt

Dennis Vermeulen from Njoy, a provider of daycare and out-of-school care for children aged 0 to 13, had two options after his financial administration employee left: hiring someone or opting for automation software. He chose the latter and enjoys it every day, just like his colleagues and the parents who entrust their offspring to Njoy.

Read more about Njoy and discover why the childcare company works with Payt (together).

"Instead of fifteen, I only have to send one or two cases a year to a bailiff."

Dennis Vermeulen - childcare company Njoy

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