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Payment options

Offer various payment options

With Payt you can offer your customers different payment methods. From PayPal to credit cards or direct debit. It makes paying your invoice as easy as possible.
Offer various payment options

"Our customers can easily pay their invoices. This increases the ease of payment, because you no longer burden the customer with invoice and IBAN numbers."

Sybrand Brouwer, director and owner of INDI

Make payment as accessible as possible

Offer multiple payment methods

In addition to optimal internal processes, an efficient debtor process also contains low payment thresholds.

PayPal or credit card payment button integrated in invoice

We will help you contract a payment service provider such as Stripe, Mollie or Pay, so you can integrate online payments in the invoice and in any reminder.

Faster payments

Faster payments because there is always a payment method that suits your customer.

More service for your customer

There is always a payment method that suits your customer

From PayPal to credit cards and direct debit

Creditcard, Sofort or PayPal

Through your contract with Stripe or Pay, your (inter)national customers can also pay via credit card, Sofort or PayPal.

Automatic collection(direct debit)

The automatic collection or direct debit from Stripe is integrated in Payt. Via www.checkinvoices.com you can easily ask your customer to agree on automatic collection for recurring invoices.

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