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Payment arrangement

Setup an automated Payment arrangement

More often than not unwillingness is not the cause of an invoice not being paid. A payment arrangement often is preferable to a collection process.
Setup an automated Payment arrangement

"The costs for school fees are high; not everyone can just pay that. Students or parents can make a Payment arrangement online and easily via Payt."

Jeroen van der Ster, Director of Operations of the Alfa-college

Make a friendly and clear arrangement

Keep payment on the radar

A late payment is often not due to an unwillingness. With Payt, a mutually beneficial payment plan can be setup easily.

Payment plan proposal by you or your debtor

You or your debtor can take the initiative for a payment plan proposal. Our Software will automatically send reminders for due payments.

Complete control over the terms

You can agree on a minimum amount per plan and switch the plan on and off whenever you want.

Better for your customer relationship

You can agree on a minimum amount per plan and switch the plan on and off whenever you want.

Realistic agreements and reminders for your debtors

Automated reminders

Just as with invoices and reminders, Payt ensures that your debtor is reminded of payment agreements.

Avoid calling in a collection agency

Handing over an overdue invoice for collection can put strain on the customer relationship. Making a Payment arrangement is a more amicable solution.

No hopeless situations

A payment arrangement helps with fitting arrangements for payment and prevents hopeless situations.

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