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Consistent communication about invoices

By consistently bringing invoices to their attention, Payt keeps the communication with your debtor going which ensures better payment behavior.
Consistent communication about invoices

"Payt contributes significantly to our customer satisfaction. They experience more payment convenience and can easily make contact about outstanding invoices. That is essential for the customer experience."

Sybrand Brouwer, director and owner of INDI

Faster payments by simply continuing dialogue

Just as friendly to your customers, but less work

Invoices and reminders are sent automatically, continuing contact and dialogue with your customers.

Invoice as contact time

With consistent follow-up and continuity of dialogue, an invoice is a point of contact in the customer experience.

Started faster payments through dialogue

Structure in your debtor process ensures that your invoice is constantly brought to the attention of your customer and starts the dialogue.

Reminders through different channels

Via different channels and at multiple times you can remind your customer automatically of an outstanding invoice.

Insight into reasons

Gain insight into the reason for late payment and look for a solution together with your customer

A complete file in case it is needed

Control over collection process

You can follow the debtor process with an automated collection process. Here too you remain in full control.

Download the file

Despite the collection process, does a debtor still not pay? Download the file from Payt’s software and transfer it to a bailiff.

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