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Automatic follow-up

Follow up on outstanding invoices automatically

Following up on outstanding invoices is a time-consuming activity. With Payt, this intensive job is a thing of the past.
Follow up on outstanding invoices automatically

"Customers can easily log into the Payt environment themselves. They know exactly what they can expect from us: from the first invoice to the final reminder, our process is perfectly streamlined."

Douwe Jan Boersma, founder and co-owner of Health2Work

Better cash flow in less time through automatic follow up of invoices

Substantial work saving

Following up on outstanding invoices is a time-consuming activity. With Payt you drastically reduce time spent questioning invoices for example.

Cash flow improvement

Consistent credit management ensures better cash flow. With automation you do not have to worry about follow-ups.

Complete control of the process

You remain in full control of the debtor process. Do you want to temporarily suspend a claim? Arranged with one click!

Track the status of all invoices

Via an online dashboard - linked to your accounting software - you can easily follow the status of invoicing.

Communicate directly with your debtors in the Payt environment at invoice level

Send messages at invoice level

Everything in the process under control: from invoice to collection

Registered payments

Due to the link with your payment service provider, an online payment is registered automatically and marked as paid.

Send reminder automatically

Does your customer not pay you before due date? Then Payt software will automatically start a reminder process. This can consist of e-mails, text messages and printed reminders.

Start debt collection process

If your customer doesn’t pay after your friendly reminders, an online debt collection process will start automatically. Any recovery costs are yours to keep.

Linked to your accounting software

Payt can link to almost all accounting, invoicing and administration software.

Thousands of organizations & 200+ accounting firms trust on us every day.

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